The BMW k1  development 


Enjoy some of quite rare pictures of the k1  prototype.

The k1  prototype  is more slender than the production series k1  and has achieved a class leading aerodynamic value, with an even lower drag coefficient of CwxA = 0,28 and supposedly a max speed of 256km/h.

It would be a great pleasure to ride such a prototype...

A lot of changes have been made before the series
 k1  was launched to the market:
The complete fairing, head light, speedo, paralever, brake-disks, steering bar, etc. were modified.
The advantage 
for the series k1  are the carry-over parts used


The pictures were made during one of the k1  meeting in 2008, scheduled annually in several locations.
Many thanks to Henry and the BMW dealer Holzleitner made it possible to see the prototype!


The BMW k1  prototype