The BMW k1  records 

Age records

the youngest and the oldest k1  owner/ active rider
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Malte, born in year/ Geburtsjahr 1992                         Hubert, born in year/ Geburtsjahr 1939

Congratulations!     I wish you many, many common  k1  events with both of you!

Milage records

Highest and lowest k1  mileage!                            
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Respect for such a high milage Jörgen !                         

Frame number records

Lowest and highest  k1  frame number                
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                         637 2027 K1                                                                      637 8215 K1    (=Ultima #68)                
Stephan got the very first k1  the community knows!     k1  Ultima owners, I know many of you can beat it!


                                         Just send me an image of your lower or higher frame number :-)