The BMW k1  records 

Age records

the youngest and the oldest k1  owner/ active rider
Let me know if YOU can beat it!  =>


Rudi, Oberösterreich, born in 1946!!!!!!

He still rides the k1  5000km per year and a total of 14000km with all his other bikes!!!


My highest appreciation!   I am looking forward to enjoy many  k1  meetings with you!



There is an incredible difference of 50 years!!!!!!


Philipp, Baden-Württemberg - born in 1996                         
My highest appreciation!                 I am looking forward to many, many common  k1  events with you!

Myriam from France - born in 1994                                    
Vous avez toute mon admiration !                            J’ai hâte de vous voir à une réunion   k1  un jour 

Milage records

Highest and lowest k1  mileage!                            
Let me know if YOU can beat it!  =>

Respect for such a high mileage of  573720 km Jörgen from Denmark!    How did you achieve it?


Congratulations to Welton from US owning a k1  out of the factory with a mileage of 999.983km

Ownership records

longest k1  ownership!                            
Let me know if YOU can beat it!  =>