The predecessor - K100 (2V) from 1983

The compact drive system was patented 1st February 1979!


The advancements:
16 valves, 1,3kg lighter crank shaft, electronic control unit (ECU)/ Motronic, ABS, Paralever, progressive Marzocchi forks D=41,7mm, 2x 4 piston Brembo brake calipers and 2x floating disks D=305mm for the front brake,  controlled catalytic converter, world class leading aerodynamic for series motorcycles.


Aerodynamic is part of BMW motorcycles history



The k1  was in part, developed to achieve a market share of the existing sports bikes segment dominated by Yamaha FZR1000, Honda CBR1000F, Kawasaki ZX-7, ZX-10, Suzuki GSX-R 1100, Bimota Dieci, Triumph Daytona 1000, etc.



Development milestones:

September     1983 - First design studies
June,  22nd  1986 - Presentation of the k1  prototype to the board of directors

January          1988 - Release of the changes, the k1  design now close to the final series

23rd March 1988 - official operating permit by Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) 

20th Sep.     1988 - Presentation of the k1  to the public at the IFMA in Cologne

8- 16th May 1989 - Presentation of the k1  to the press in Italy, 50km south east of Rom
29th May     
 1989 - Sales release


Production figures:

Total of 6921 k1  have been produced between 1988 and 1993

1988:        12     =    0,17% (not sold)
1989:    3574     = 50,64%
1990:    2120     = 30,63%
1991:      763     = 11,02%

1992:      310     =   4,48%

1993:      142     =   2,05%

Approx. 2050  of the k1  have been sold in Germany
Approx.   670  of the k1  have been sold to America

Approx.   570 of the k1  have been sold to France


It is rather likely that less than a quarter of the 6921 k1 s remain on the road today.


The result of my brief global survey on Facebook in 2020 was:

Germany - approx. 500
France     - approx. 270

Spain       - approx.   50

UK           -  approx.   14



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