It's been a pleasure to welcome you,                   even more pleasure to meet you again!


Please let me know if you either like me to post more of your pictures or you want me to delete it !!!!

Bitte schreibe mir wenn Du Bilder hast die ich hier einstellen soll oder wenn ich Bilder löschen soll !!!! 


One of the cosy "start of season" brunch onsite

 with the founder of the k1 events Stefan & Dagmar +
Thomas, Kerstin and Sebastian, Manfred & Maria,

Siggi & Petra ...



Walter & Maria from Austria



Simon from Australia



Simon and Alyn from Irland






Ricardo from Spain, Huub from Netherlands and Andreas



A great pleasure to meet N1k1 and Liz from the UK



István and friend from Hungary



A great honor to "kedada" Ricardo from Spain



Dom from France






Michaela & Rocco 



Gonzalo and Ricardo from Spain



Johannes, Maike und Max



"Leberkäsweckle" event with Johannes, Christian and Micha



Emma & Jaime from Lanzarote



Muriel & "Nacho" + Elena & Aurelio from Cantabria/ Spain



Due to Covid it took ages before I could welcome Erhan



Jakub and Krzysztof are the first from Poland!!!

Almost 900km one way to meet!



Rolf, what a nice surprise that you stopped by on

your way home from vacation!