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Any flying brick K Model is very welcome to join us!   

We are a k family!


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 k1/ K event

 01773 Altenberg -

 OT: Hirschsprung


 Tel: +49 35056 3450 


 Code: "Biker Spezial 54420"

 local contact/ organisation:




 BMW Club
 Klásicas K


 Los Corrales 
 de Buelna 




3rd - 5th 


 open festival

 71229 Leonberg




 k1 event

 to be defined  Netherlands

9th- 12th 


 k1/ K event

 close to 4020 Linz  Austria     

11th- 12th


 classic race

 Circuit Dijon

 21370 Prenois

 France     >


frühere k1 Treffen

former k1  events 

eventos k1 anteriores

réunions k1 précédentes 


k1 event in Austria Sep. 2020



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30th k1 anniversary event in Germany



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from 1999 on an annual k1 event took place, every year in different location organized by locals



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