VIN decoder - vehicle information

You have to add 
before input the VIN
as shown in the picture, without ????

The first 3 numbers of a k1 are: 637
The following 4 numbers are consecutive
The end of the VIN is K1

example: 637 2345 K1

Klick in pic to open the VIN decoder or use the link:


The information you receive is
- production date

- original color
- sometimes special equipment


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you need to have a spacer to clamp the fork!
Otherwise you risk to break the clamp!

if you have leaking issues with your master break cylinder for the front brakes, check first if you still have silver looking housing, the brighter one in the picture.
If so, throw the silver one away and buy a "grey" one. The silver one is the first series, replaced by the end of 1993 by the grey version.

The grey one is worth to invest a repair kit.

Check gear oil level on the right hand side behind the engine.

Never exceed the mark.
In contrast to the engine oil I recommend synthetic gear oil 75W140.

It provides smoother circuits than the 80W90 listed in the rider's handbook

However, MORE IMPORTANT than the viscosity is the API class GL5!


Never use an oil API class GL4!


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